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The Ballot is Stronger than the Bullet

Project: Feature Film

Genre: Political Drama/Thriller

Director: Tyler Mann

Producers: Kristina Mann, Rachel DeRouen, Tyler Mann

Writers: Rachel DeRouen, Tyler Mann

Production Company: Ruined Man Productions

Cast: Federica Rangel, Nathan Harlan,

Dzifa Mallet, Jessica Irvine Drake, Carla Kidd, Stephanie Rascoe Myers, Yanis Kalnins, Jason Carmichael, Camille Giuffre, Reise Alexander, Michael Gmur, Anjelica Greene, Chris Lee and Eric Roberts 

Synopsis: A group of strangers start talking politics when their polling location undergoes a lockdown just as they are about to cast their vote during a tense presidential election.

Visit for all information on voting in this next Presidential Election on November 7th.

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